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The Seal Group was set up to monitor the presence (or absence) of seals in a north coast colony. A digital identification photo album for seals at this site has been built up since June 2000 and is now being shared with group members. Identification work requires considerable patience, creativity and a commitment to regular (and often lengthy) visits to to local clifftops! The group first met in February 2004 and has 31 members, who meet once every two months. If you live locally and would like more information about grey seals or the work of this group, please contact Sue Sayer on 01736 754562 or email to

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The agreed aims for The Seal Group have been updated and are to:-

  1. Enjoy ourselves and have fun!
  2. Reduce disturbance of the seals to make sure the colony stays at its current location
  3. Carry out digital photo identification work on individual seals by :-
    • Sharing images of individual seals
    • Adding new seal images to the Seal ID Catalogue
    • Trying to identify the individual seals present
  4. Learn more about the seals through regular cliff top observation work, for example:-
    • Numbers
    • Groupings
    • Behaviour
    • Threats
    • Health
    • Patterns
    • Migration to other seal haunts
    • Identification of factors affecting the seals
  5. Link and inform all interested parties more about the seals :-
    • The public
    • National Trust
    • Cornwall Wildlife Trust
    • Seaquest South West
    • British Divers Marine Life Rescue
    • National Seal Sanctuary
    • Trinity House
    • HM Coastguard
    • Local Fishing industry
    • Educational organisations
    • Seal enthusiasts!
  6. Collect and centralise resources, information, articles and news about Grey Seals
  7. Seek and secure funding to support the group’s activities

(Updated 27/10/04)

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