Photo identification of individual seals

S18 right side

S18 left side


A Grey Seal has a unique pelage (coat) pattern throughout its life. A catalogue of digital images of around 350 individual seals seen at one location in Cornwall has been developed over the last 4 years. This catalogue enables Seal Group members to record when individual seals are present on local beaches. But, you don't have to be a seal group member to get involved with seal identification!

There are several ways you can help us with seal identification:

  1. Take photos of any seals that you see anywhere (preferably images of both sides of the seal's neck or body) and send us your images via email. We will then identify the seals for you. Remember to tell us when and where each photo was taken.
  2. Use the images on this website of the most frequent seal visitors at Godrevy to find out if you can spot any of these seals yourself and send us your records of the location, date and seal code.

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If you want more identification photos of seals or more information about our identification work, please email

If you use these photos to identify seals you see or as part of research, please be kind enough to credit us and tell us or send copies of your work.