Fundraising for our volunteers to help wild Cornish Seals

We are selling merchandise to raise funds for our pioneering research work with Cornwall's wild seals.

Have your 'bit of Cornwall' at home with Fridge Magnets, or on the move with a Key Ring!
Snuggle up with one of our ultra soft fluffy and cuddly seals.
Celebrate the unique beauty of seals skilfully captured in clay - handmade by John Parkes of Animal Friends in Cornwall.
Admire the fine detail and beauty of Cornish seals captured in Chris Thorn's pen and ink sketches.
Share your seal sighting with friends by sending a Postcard of genuine Cornish Seals.

Our seal merchandise makes an excellent gift for your friends and family or just treat yourself!
Ordering is simple, please see the bottom of the page.
(Please note, these photos do not really do full justice to the high quality of these products.)
(Click here to see our fundraising policy and find out how we spend our money to help wild seals.)

We only sell seal items that we would want to buy ourselves. We love the sealy merchandise we sell!
All our prices include postage and packing. Order now, don't delay! Get your sealy merchandise today!

Pottery seals by Animal Friends : Adult £13.50, Pup £8.50

Unbelievably soft furry seals by Dowman : 18 inch (45cm) £16.99; 12 inch (30cm) £11.99 and 8 inch (20cm) in grey/white or all white £5.99

Pen and ink sketches of seals by Chris Thorn (please click here for options, prices and sizes)
Juvie girl (Left) : Nose to nose (Middle) and Moonlighting pup (Right)

Fridge magnets and key rings are all £1.50 each and come in a range of designs....all photos are available in both magnets and key rings!
Juvie girl on shingle (Left) : Juvie girl on boulders (Right)

Mum and pup (Left) : Sleeping Mum (Right)

Upside down pup (Left) : Waving pup (Right)

Cute pup (Left) : Curious pup (Mid) : This is what the back of the key rings look like (Right)

Oscha productions who made this film kindly donated copies to us to sell for £4.99!
This brilliant DVD features marine animals being rescued


POST CARDS : Cornish Grey Seals

There are 3 Cornish Seals Postcards. Postcards cost 50p each or £1.50 for 4, including postage and packing

PC1 : The Haulout

Grey Seals routinely spend a lot of time hauled out of the water. They leave the sea to breed, moult their fur coats, to rest and to digest their food. Despite appearing to look cumbersome on land, they can move surprisingly quickly if disturbed. If you are watching seals on land, aim to arrive, watch and leave unseen by the seals. If seals have to rush towards the sea too quickly, they get careless and can rip their bellies and get claws caught between rocks. We have an international responsibility to protect the Grey Seals along our coasts.

PC2 : Millie and Pup

A model Mum, Cornwall Seal Group members watched her successfully raise her pup throughout October. Millie was a very proud Mum, who showed a lot of affection, care and attention towards her pup, so it must have been a real wrench for her and her pup, when they finally went their separate ways. Mum left her pup strong and healthy with good fat reserves to see it through the worst of the Winter storms.

PC3 : Playing in the Surf

These 2 young males are having great fun playing the shallows. They roll over and over enjoying the white water crashing over rocks. Seals have long, sensitive whiskers that are used to detect their prey underwater and large interlocking teeth. Even so, seals are remarkably gentle and inquisitive creatures, who have inspired many legends. The seal at the top of the picture is Chairlift, the first seal to be identified over 100 times.


Click here to find out how to ADOPT A WILD CORNISH SEAL


These products can be yours by...

...emailing and providing the following information:-

  • Your name
  • The address which you would like the merchandise posting to
  • The product/s (or design codes of the Key Rings, Fridge Magnets and/or Post Cards) that you would like

Please make your cheque payable to Cornwall Seal Group and post it to:-

Cornwall Seal Group, Copperleaf Cottage, Phillack Hill, Phillack, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 5AD

As soon as your cheque is received, your merchandise will be posted out to you.


The photographers

Simon is a wildlife and landscapes photographer and an active member of Cornwall Seal Group. His knowledge about the lives of Cornish Seals enables him to reflect their power and beauty and his frequent trips around Cornwall capture Cornwall's spectacular landscapes forever!

Sue is the founder of Cornwall Seal Group. Her observations of Cornwall's grey seals over thousands of hours enable her to capture some unique shots of seals going about their daily lives.

Huge thanks for your support.

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